Din Romana in Engleza Am nevoie pentru un anime multumesc !!!

There are only E and F degrees…
Where could you be?
If you come out now, you can get cute sister Plug’s gentle treatment…
Depression degree C! Lock on!
Now, off to work!
Fight! In one strike!
I never thought I’d get so lucky at such a place.
Well, let’s work hard after drinking this.
This is not Earth…
…but rather, some parallel world.
In this world known as Life Core…
…there resides a well-developed corporation called Neogem.
Discovering the existence of a reality parallel to ours, they created this method.
Before we knew each other…
…we started to cleanse this world as a job.
And the kind of work we do is…
You… explain the kind of work we’re doing here!
With humans from the parallel world as our targets…
…we give those whose depression levels are significantly higher an electrical charge…
…to stimulate the recovery of their souls.
Yes, that’s exactly what we do.
If only you knew that from the start!
Not only have you destroyed a suit and wasted a ludicrous amount of electricity…
But you even destroyed the life checker as well!
I’ll be taking that out of your salary.
Please Captain Parse, have a heart!
I recently bought a ton of stuff! Aren’t you being too harsh?!
If that’s the case, go fix your screwup.
But I’m a light bulb!
Then how about following orders and shape up?!\NYou wanna work overtime? Get your ass moving!
Now I have to work as hard as I can…
Plug In!
What the?
What’s wrong?
It felt like I bumped into something.
Wonder what it was…
That’s weird.
Stealth device: activated.
Though humans can’t see us, they can touch us.
To be on the safe side, I’ll activate full-body stealth.
Well then, let’s get to work!
Just my luck, not a target in sight…
Even though our service is clearly beneficial to humans in this parallel world…
This is a huge problem for my purse!
I have to look for a target, quickly!
Thank you for your patronage!
Sentou, please go help out in the back.
But I’m in charge of waiting on customers today.
As expected, I can’t find any targets in this family restaurant…
I wonder where they are…
He got it.
What the heck are you doing?!
That’s supposed to be my line!
What in the world are you? Who are you?!
Could it be that you can see me?
I must be able to see you since I hit you, duh.
Who exactly are you?
A cat burglar?
What’s going on, brother?
Hakone, Irono.
What happened? And what’s with the baseball bat…
Using your free time during a part-time job to swing a bat, how lenient indeed.
Who’s swinging a bat?
You guys can’t see this person?
This person?
What is he talking about?
So there’s nothing wrong with the stealth device.
Then, why can this person see me?
What are you looking at?!
Hey, what’re you talking about?
Sentou, are you overworked?
Don’t look at me with those eyes.
Brother, you’ll be done with work soon, right?
My bad.
It suddenly became a night shift today.
Is that so? Then we can’t go home together, I guess.
Aw, and I thought it would be a great chance to give…
It’s nothing, nothing at all!
Then I’ll make dinner for you tonight!
What do you want to eat, brother?
It’s okay, there’s no need for you to do that.
Once I’m done with work, I’ll go home quickly.
You don’t have to worry about me.
Depression level C!
A target that needs to be charged!
What a kind brother.
What a bad place to find one…
I’m going to fully charge you!